Bringing Out The Best of You and I

Using NLP in Workplace Character Rejuvenation  

Action + Commitment = Results (ACR)

This Neuro Linguistic Programming based course is focused on developing a positive mindset and attitudes of the participants through experiential learning. Often, work pressures and the need to achieve goals and objectives at the workplace puts second the realization on why and how the things we do are important.  We lose the joy and higher purpose of self-development, camaraderie and team spirit.

In this 2 days training, participants focus on rebuilding and recharging their characters by revisiting the long-lost passion in what they do through a series of lectures, games, videos and group works. These experiential learning methods builds on the self-rediscovery and self-realization by the participants. The process extends not only to personal developments but also in bringing out the best in others to create a meaningful work relationship based on trust, credibility and rapport, building a solid base for teamwork and collaboration.


By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

1.     Describe the functions of conscious and unconscious mind in building our map of the world

2.     Describe the NLP communication model and what effects our communication

3.     List the growth mindset characteristics

4.     List the emotional bank account contributing factors

5.     Describe the Win-Win Mentality

6.     Describe team communications and collaboration factors


The course is delivered via lectures, videos, songs, discussions, role plays and games to ensure a fully experiential learning.



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