Relationship and Consultative Selling: An NLP Approach in Sales

Using NLP in Sales and Customer Relationship  

This Neuro Linguistic Programming course is focused on
taking participants’ existing sales skills to the next level or as a building block in sales expertise for new hires. Building on their experience as sales and knowledge of the sales process and skills, this course will help participants understand the principles of NLP and how they enhance the selling and buying, as well as customer service experience. For new hires, it gives them a base skill to polish and improve with experience.

Delegates will be able to utilize profiling tools, sales and service techniques using AIDA approach and NLP communication models for developing enhanced rapport with buyers and customers, truly understanding the client’s needs and making it easy to sell and service them meaningfully, whilst adopting the mindset and attitude of high performing sales and customer service people. 


By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Learn the distinction between traditional selling/customer service vs relationship & consultative selling/customer service.
  • Build a customer focused mindset.
  • Apply effective communication skills in relationship and consultative selling and servicing.
  • Gain insight and apply DISC© tool profiling tool to build relationship and consulting customers.
  • Learn and apply the art of building rapport with customers.
  • Learn and apply basic negotiation skills in consultative selling/servicing.
  • Build confidence and skill in managing difficult situation in consultative selling/servicing


The course is delivered via lectures, videos, songs, discussions, role plays and games to ensure a fully experiential learning.



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